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Tech recruitment can be a complicated business, but it shouldn’t be. Using a straightforward approach, we make talent acquisition simple, effective and rewarding for everyone. 

We are experts in our field, with a proven track record of delivery and recommendations from our clients and candidates. As an integral part of our clients' tech talent acquisition, we often work with our customers to create or develop their employer brand, build future talent pools, or at the very least as an extension of their organisation’s talent attraction strategy. We ensure we've a deep knowledge of our customer, which combined with our expertise, is making all the difference in a noisy market. This expertise means we know that you can use Applied Machine Learning for website classification using NLP, and that you’d use KCL or Kinesis API to stream data into an elastic search cluster. We’re not saying for one moment that we’re able to do it (we're the recruitment experts after all) but we absolutely understand it.

In this market, we know that the best talent isn't always actively looking for their next move, so we leave no stone unturned by identifying hidden talent pools, cultivating new relationships to expand our network and meeting potential candidates long before they’re looking to make a career move. And because every candidate is potentially a future client, for us there’s no difference in how we work with either.