Where We Specialise

Contract and Permanent Opportunities Across Ireland for...

Data / BI / Analytics
Data Science, Data Visualisation, Big Data, Data Engineering, DBA, Database Development, Data Modelling, ETL, Reporting, Data Analyst, Insights Analyst, Business Analyst

Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle
Cloud Head of / Owner / Specialist / Consultant, Solutions Architect, Cloud Programme Manager / Project Manager, DevOps Engineer, Systems Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Operations Engineer, Support Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Network and Security Engineer, Linux SysAdmin

Software Engineering / Development, QA
Full Stack, Back-end, Front-end, UI / UX, OpenSource, Manual & Automated Testing

Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics

Executive Search
Chief Technology Officer, IT Director, Chief Operation Officer, Operations Director, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Cloud Officer, Interim (Manager / Executive)

How we work for you

We’ll always be honest and up front, dealing in facts, managing expectations and we’ll call when we say we’ll call. Open communication with total transparency is simply how we work. We build meaningful relationships with you and always keep you in the loop. 

We Listen
We listen to learn and understand, consult, act as a career advisor and provide market insight. After all, we’re here to add value and will always offer impartial and honest advice.

Sectoral Knowledge
We don’t just claim to be knowledgeable, our people have an average of over 13 years’ specialist tech recruitment experience each (eek) so we know what we’re doing.

We’ll hold your hand through the entire process, representing you with honesty and integrity. Because of our experience and how we work with our clients, we’re able to streamline the process for everyone’s benefit.    

In the tight-knit Irish tech space our absolute discretion is essential and guaranteed. It’s that simple.

To us, there are few things more satisfying than finding an awesome candidate a great job with a fantastic company, and then following their future success. We think you’d have to look very hard to find a team of recruiters that care as much as we do about what we do and how we do it.

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